Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm late saying "Happy Father's Day" to my Dad. Not because I forgot, but because he was in France, mad cycling with Erickson Cycle Tours in Dordogne. He rode 600 miles with 40,000 feet of climbing, for two weeks. Yep, my Dad rocks! I won't give away his age (let's just say he was of the average parental age when I was born, and I'm celebrating the first anniversary of my 36th birthday soon) but while most men are on the couch watching Tiger score another birdie, my Dad is on his bike.

This isn't the only reason Dad rocks. He is my real life Superman. Graduated from Stanford and Stanford Law, Dad is my encyclopedia, dictionary and thesaurus of life. I never went through the phase where you find out your Dad doesn't know EVERYTHING. He does. He won't admit it...but he does. Dad is more intelligent than I can comprehend, speaks several languages, cooks fabulous food, knows about great wines and restaurants, the ins and outs of all things technological and if I need to buy a car...he's the man.
He's probably hating that I'm saying all this...Hi Dad.

My Dad has always been my champion. When my career path was going the polar opposite of what most father's hope, Dad cheered me on. Becoming a professional dancer was not a lucrative dream and yet Dad always gave me positive reinforcement. I will never forget the time I was scared to death to tell him I was getting married at 23. He was half asleep when I went to tell him and when I did, he said, "Cool, let's go celebrate!" Dad proves his unconditional love that way over and over again. You'd think he'd get exhausted with a nut like me! Dad has always been generous with his time, advice, encouragement and accolades. He's kind, diplomatic, practical and has a fantastic, dry sense of humor. He's there when I need him, or when Jay needs him, or when my Bean and Logue need their Papa. Sniff.

I love you Dad....Happy Father's Day.

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