Saturday, February 7, 2009


Ever since I saw the image of a Polar Bear sitting on a melting piece of ice, I vowed through the tears in my eyes to do my part to reduce my carbon footprint.

First, we adopted Lucy, June, Ruby and Honcho two years ago and in return for all our food scraps and a little TLC they give us...EGGS! We live in a neighborhood where mini mansions are sprouting every 2 hours (except now they're not selling - and these ginormous, energy sapping homes with their flamboyant 5000 sq ft are now taxing the wallets of their builders. I am not gloating, that would be unkind). So, not all of our neighbors understand when our chickens make that noise that sounds like a child being murdered, it's all for the greater good of the ozone layer.

Second, we have changed all the light bulbs in the house to energy efficient ones. So, basically when we turn on our lights, we can't see for about an hour - a sacrifice we're willing to make even though I keep thinking I need to get glasses.

Third, we bought a Prius which I love. The glory of filling up the tank for under $20 and being able to drive on that tank for 370 miles makes me want to stop every HumVee I see and ask "Really, WHY?"

In my quest for finding greener pastures (ha, that just came to me) I found this RITI Printer courtesy of Gear Live.

Now in addition to throwing our coffee grounds out into the yard, I can get my coffee aroma just by printing my daily celebrity gossip affirmations. I wonder if you can get the caffeine high via osmosis?

Oh, and my new pet project (another donation of my so-called free time) is an organization that will bring communities together to help create conversations about sustainability in schools, corporations, homes and jobs. Much like Green Worker Cooperatives as shown in this enlightening video:

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