Saturday, August 30, 2008

Etsy Makes Martha Look...Mediocre

I love Etsy. Like an I-have-to-stay-away-or-I-will-go-broke-love. There are so much fantastical hand-made goodies to find, from clothes to toys, art to jewelry. This is not your average craft fair. There are some seriously talented people with seriously cool stuff to sell. Right now Etsy is having a check it out and vote. Here's who I'm voting for:

by barkingbirdart (special affinity for fellow Portlanders)
who doesn't love a little self sufficient hedgehog?

by littlegirlPearl
this coat is so whimsically retro and happy!

by littleloveblue
mushrooms, felt, blue bells...I am one with the universe.

1 comment :

Maria Rose said...

I looove esty too! I only allow myself to go there with a specific goal as I have spent too much money wandering aimlessly around the site.