Monday, August 11, 2008


My plate is full. Overflowing in fact. And what do I do? Pile more on. But I NEED to do just one more important thing, she says while the foster dog is hopping incessantly on her hind legs making a repetitive noise not unlike an abused clarinet, the pot bellied pom-poo who's bark collar has turned her into a tibetan throat singer is...making that noise, the cockatiel is whistling obscenities at me and Bean has the TV blasting in her attempt to drown out the noise. Why do I have a foster dog? Because I'm trying to save the world one dog at a time. Why do I want to add more to my plate? Because I'm a glutenous, perfectionist task hog who thinks life can only get that much better if I just...So here's the list:

1. Write in my journal. I've enlisted Hasslebot to remind me of this everyday. So far I've deleted all the email reminders first thing each morning.

2. Start teaching a hip-hop class for kids and teens. Why? Because dance is in my soul, part of who I am, my method of expression - er...and I couldn't say no.

3. Use Wii Fit with Logue half an hour every other day. He's thinks it's cool and I'm in to the really hot trainer on there.

4. Join my friend Stephanie in September for the Cookie-ing Through challenge. My jaw just clenched and cramped thinking about Cookie-fying my life. But hey, it's only one month!

5. Stand-up Paddle as much as I can with Jay while the weather is still nice. We're going for the Laird Hamilton/Gabby Reece super cool couple look and image. Except I need to grow another foot and a half.

I think I need a life coach to help me find another 2 hours per day in my life.
But then I'd probably just spend the time watching my new favorite animated shorts, Miniscule. 'Cause when I'm feeling miniscule, you know like when your kid tells you your not fixing dinner at the right time, or that you forgot to feed her lunch? This'll help.

Warning: Bug death may be too upsetting for some viewers.

No Bean, they're not real bugs in real life.

Oh, and I really want to work on becoming a rock star. Thoughts?


Lis said...

Sweet video find.

PR Mama said...

Thanks for spreading the word about Cookie-ing Through, gal pal! May I just say I am SORELY regretting ever bringing it terrified of what that damned September issue will bring...)

Anonymous said...

I know Stephanie, it's all your fault! What if we have know, CLEAN or something horrible like that?